I’m Per Lilja, a software developer and consultant at One Agency, acting in the Öresunds region (southern part of Sweden).

Why the name Code Monkey?

From Wikipedia:

“Code monkey may refer to:

  • A term for a computer programmer, sometimes considered an insulting or derogatory oversimplification of their skill set”

I think this might defines most of us developers, we go to our work and do our 8 hours and nothing more. We don’t really have any plan or dream of what we actual wants to do. This blog is about my journey to break out of the cage and try to be more than just a code monkey. It will write about my story but also be a lot of technical stuff, from just solving everyday problem to more in depth technical tutorials.

This blog will mostly be about web application, security, databases, Java, Hibernate, Spring, Scala, Groovy and much more… and everything that makes our code more beautiful and functional.

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